Qolor - Paint

Qolor is our newest brand in paint items. Living in an era where electronic devices interact with our lives more than ever before, we believe it is extra important to stimulate kids’ sense of creativity and ability to construct something from scratch.

Qolor is very unique due to its wide variety of paint formulas and innovative product development. Such as the new press-and-paint brush pen in the Paperpaint line or special 4-layered stencils in Chalkpaint to make any child a paint artist! Together with Fingerpaint, Windowpaint, 3D decoration Magicpaint and the mysterious Gluepaint we guarantee hours of fun.


  • 6 newly developed paint formulas
  • In compliance with the latest toy quality standards
  • Innovative press-and-paint brush pen for paper paint
  • Multi-functional finger paint bucket
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  • 365-16.png
  • 385D-16.png
  • 418-16.png
  • 481-16.png
  • 487-16.png
  • 984-16.png
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